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Mindset and Method

Jan 26, 2021

It's the final part of my 3 part series explaining my favourite quote "Success is about knowing what you want, believing you can get there and having the right tools to help you on your way". We have been through the first two parts - knowing what you want and believing you can get there - and now we are chatting about the tools you need which make the difference between success and failure.

In this episode, I talk your through my definition of the tools you need to make sure you succeed at your goals which include the people you surround yourself with (your support network), the skills you have (both your core business skills and the soft skills you need to develop to ensure success) and the 'things' you need to use to help facilitate all the other elements (including physical things and virtual things)

I also give you more of an insight into what you'll be getting if you sign up to my '2021 Goal Setting & Success Psychology Masterclass in 2 DAYS TIME! More details can be found at I hope to see you there.