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Mindset and Method

Sep 7, 2021

Some of the questions I get asked the most inside my membership or from my clients are around their pricing...

What should I charge?
Will people pay that?
Are people not buying because my pricing is too high?

But purchases are hardly ever decided on price. Pricing is way more about your own mindset and your money story - and buying is way more about their own mindset and their money story.

If you search for people who do the same as you (or selling similar products), you'll find them charging a lot more, and a lot less. So what's the difference?

What makes some entrepreneurs successful and others not? And, how do you actually find the right price? Well, first you need to understand

Why a low price isn't always good
Why you get better clients/customers if you actually charge more
What really makes people say yes!

...and only then can you find a price that feels right for you.

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