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Mindset and Method

Nov 1, 2021

Want to know the biggest time-suck many people struggle with when growing a business?

Well, from my experience, it's the constant confusion & overwhelm which comes from all the messaging on 'how' to grow a business. With all the 'gurus' throwing different strategies your way, it's impossible to know which will work for you, or how to even get started.

Should you be running a launch, starting an e-mail list, releasing a new 'freebie', doing a pop-up-product, running ads, setting up a sales funnel, posting daily on social...

...the list seems endless and trying them all is just too much!

You know you need to get focused, but just don't know how!

Well, in this episode, I will tell give you my thoughts on how to grow your business and get focused in 3 simple steps.

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