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Mindset and Method

Jan 18, 2022

Today I chat to the amazing Lucy Wylde (nee Howlett) of The Birth Recovery Coach and we talk about the importance of mindset in her personal development and the growth of her businesses, including

✅ The impact of eliminating self-doubt and increasing confidence & self-belief, both in life and in growing a business


Jan 3, 2022

Have you set a New Year's Resolution - for yourself or your business? If so, STOP and listen to this first. Did you know 88% of resolutions fail and 80% fail before February? In this episode, I tell you my thoughts on why and give you a 4 step process of what to do instead.

Fancy working with me to make 2022 your best...

Nov 1, 2021

Want to know the biggest time-suck many people struggle with when growing a business?

Well, from my experience, it's the constant confusion & overwhelm which comes from all the messaging on 'how' to grow a business. With all the 'gurus' throwing different strategies your way, it's impossible to know which will work for...

Oct 18, 2021

I'm so excited to announce a series of interviews with inspiring women in business here on the 'Mindset and Method' Podcast.

And I'm thrilled to introduce our first interview, the amazing Anna Green from The Success Lounge and Direct Selling Success.

In this first interview, we chat about how important mindset was in...

Oct 4, 2021

Recently I was prompted to 'celebrate my success' from a post in a Facebook Networking Group, and after some thought about settling in my children to school, I realised I had also made my previous (pre-kid) corporate salary in 4 days!

I was asked by clients and members of my own Facebook Group 'More to Me than Mum' how...