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Mindset and Method

Aug 23, 2021

There are 4 areas we need to focus on to set up a strong foundation for any business, whether you're a new, first-time entrepreneur or have an established business that needs a bit of a reboot, so today I'm covering the 4 steps from my recent 'Get Set For September' Challenge inside my membership The Sparkle Salon all in this one episode.

So, what are they?

Vision - You have to know what kind of a business you want to grow - and what you want to achieve - to intentionally grow the business you want.

Mindset - You need to notice your current business frame of mind - from fixed, to growth, to success.

Money - You need to continually work on your money mindset, work out where your money thermostat is set to and learn to love making money.

Plan - You need to use all of the above to build a plan to get you to the business you want, rather than firefighting, procrastinating, getting distracted and ending up with an accidental business you hate.

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