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Mindset and Method

Nov 17, 2020

Owning your own business sounds great - no boss, you get to make the decisions and you get to keep the money. But it doesn't always end up that way and here's why

On the episode, I talk about why being an entrepreneur is such a rollercoaster ride, why it is so tough and why so many people give up before they even get started - and I'll give you one simple solution to fix it.

And wait - as you will hear, the doors to my online monthly membership - The Sparkle Salon - are NOW OPEN!

But only until Thursday night (19th Nov)

So, if you...

are struggling to get consistent clients/customers or sales despite putting endless hours into your business

want to find the confidence, self-belief or that final piece of the puzzle which will bring clients/customers to you, rather than you chasing down every sale

are working way more than you wanted - and want to figure out the secret to earning more from actually working less below to find out all about my membership club and how it can help you.

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